Dog Walking

I am available for lunch time dog walks, Monday to Friday.

I will collect your dog from your home for a walk of an hour and play with them to make sure that they're not just getting some company during the day, but they're also getting the mental and physical stimulation they need. I will pick up after your dog and, when I drop them off back at your house, I will towel them down to get the worst of any dirt off.

​I take around 4 or 5 dogs out in a group walk, for off lead exercise as much as possible (my insurance policy requires the owners written permission before I can walk your dog off lead).

Your dog will need to walk well on the lead, have a good recall and be sociable with people and dogs.

Dog walking is available at the following rates:

1 hour Walk

One dog:   £15.00

Two dogs from the same house: £20.00


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